There is very easy and fast way to inviting all of your friends into a particular fan page. Instead of sending individual invitation to all of your friend you can just use this method. There are three little steps that you just have to follow and you will be ready.

But before we start with the instruction I should inform you that this trick is only possible with the browser Mozilla Firefox.

1. Enter in Facebook, go to your fan page and press the button “Suggest to Friends”

2. Then click with the right button on the popping window with friends and choose “This Frame” -> “Open Frame in New Window”

3. Now type in the web browser’s  address  ”javascript:fs.select_all();”  and press ENTER.

It is possible to take few minutes, it depends of how much friends you have. I have tested it with around 300 friends and it took only few seconds. So now all of your friends will be selected and you just have to press the button “Send Recommendations”.

One more code:

javascript:javascript:var elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]“);for(var count=0;count<elms.length;count++){var t = setTimeout(“elms["+count+"].click()”,100)}